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Structured Settlements vs. Lump Sum of Cash
What is a Structured Settlement?
A Structured Settlement is a payment obligation that is deferred by a payer and can be a result of a personal injury lawsuit or other types of financial obligations. Structured settlement payments are usually paid over a span of a few years.
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What If You Do Not Want to Wait for Your Structured Settlement Money?

When structured settlements are awarded, from lawsuits such as product liability, personal injury, or accidents, in general an insurance company buys an annuity. This annuity pays a mixture of principal sum and an interest over an agreed period of time, at an schedule that is agreed with the structured settlement payee. Having said that, the structured settlement recipients may be in a financial situation where the money is needed immediately and cannot wait for the money to be paid in small sums. Fortunately, the structured settlements can be exchanged for a large lump sum payout for all or a some of the recipients’ future annuity payments.

Do You Need Money Now?

A Structured Settlement is designed for paying out for the financial obligations over a period of time, but what if you need your money

right now? Lump sum can be a lifesaver in your situation and fortunately there are a few reputable companies out there that can pay you a large lump sum in exchange for your future payments from structured settlement.

Who Can Help Me with my Lump Sum for Structured Settlement Needs?

Lump sums may be offered by a few financial institution. You may even already have obtained a quote or two already. However it is very important to shop around for the best deal.

Getting a best deal, can result in few thousands of dollars more in a lump sum in your pocket as few fractions of percentage can make a big difference over the years.

But what if you are bombarded by offers or just don’t want to deal with so many companies and their agents? What if every night you are getting calls from the agents trying to get you as a customer?

Use the Internet to get quotes for your lump sum!

Unless you are a complete "Internet newbie", there is a good chance that you have used online shopping comparison websites, where you can compare prices on products side-by-side. Why not take the same approach with your structured settlement deal? Why spend hours with many different agents before at least knowing how much money can you aim for?

Use the technology to your advantage and don't waste your money.

And remember, with you can Save on Everything™!

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